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About Us

Helping people to improve their relationship with food to be healthy and mindful. Healing the body from the inside out.

At Dosha Tea, we live and breathe the mantra of Truth, Love, and Gratitude, and our mission is to share this philosophy with the world. If you’re between the ages of 18 and 45, you’re likely seeking natural alternatives to cleanse your body from toxins and nourish it with essential nutrients for a healthier, more vibrant life. It’s no secret that the modern world bombards us with processed foods, environmental toxins, and everyday household products that can lead to a toxic buildup within our bodies, linked to digestive system disorders affecting over 22.4 million people. In the words of the New England Journal of Medicine (2011), “most, if not all diseases, heart problems, diabetes, acne, high blood pressure, etc., start in the gut.”

But there is hope, backed by extensive research. Eliminating toxins from your body can unlock a cascade of benefits, including weight loss, increased energy, better sleep, radiant skin, and superior health.

Our Mission: At Dosha Tea, our mission is to provide handcrafted herbal teas that naturally benefit your body, mind, and soul. We advocate for a healthy and balanced lifestyle, helping you achieve the pinnacle of wellbeing while respecting the world around us.

Our Vision: We envision a world where herbal teas are cultivated and processed in harmony with the environment. We believe in true wellbeing for individuals, all while respecting the Earth and harnessing the power of plants to nourish your body, mind, and soul.

Our Purpose: Our purpose is clear – to spearhead a global movement that empowers individuals aged 18 to 45 to make gradual and enduring improvements by consuming more nutrients and fewer pollutants.

Welcome to Dosha Tea Company! We proudly present our Ayurvedic tea blends, carefully crafted from the finest herbs to detoxify, energize, boost immunity, and bring tranquility to your mind, spirit, and body. Our commitment to sustainability ensures that you not only experience lasting and profound changes but also contribute to a healthier planet.

For over a decade, Dosha Tea, formerly known as Kaizen Lifestyle, has been empowering countless individuals by unraveling the psychology behind emotional eating and helping them break free from food addictions. Our approach is all about natural and organic solutions, allowing you to shed weight, gain energy, improve sleep, and conquer health concerns organically.

Since 2015, Dosha Tea has been inspiring individuals with our all-natural lifestyle diet, detox programs, and herbal teas. These blends are created from organic and non-GMO herbs, offering a refreshing and delicious taste while delivering optimal health and revitalization without caffeine or harmful chemicals.

We believe in giving back to the world that sustains us. That’s why 1% of all our sales go to support social and environmental justice. We carefully select and spotlight organizations and nonprofits throughout the year, such as “Miti Ni Dawa,” which plants trees in Africa, supporting both the environment and providing jobs to the youth of Africa. We stand with Africa because it’s a continent still underrepresented, where many are striving for freedom and prosperity.

Join the Dosha Tea Revolution! Are you ready to unlock the full potential of your health and wellness? Choose Dosha Tea and embark on a journey to a better you and a better world. Embrace Truth, Love, and Gratitude – with every sip of Dosha Tea.